Crary Tile Pro Standard Plow 580

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Will a tiled field exhibit yield loss in dry conditions?

Tile drainage removes excess water, but does not remove plant available water.

The greatest benefits of tile drainage are realized in wet years, but tile drainage also promotes deep root development in dry years.



Should I still consider installing drain tile, since field conditions are dry?

This is exactly when you SHOULD be considering tile. We will be wet again someday and our current soil conditions are a great opportunity for tile installation!

Tile is readily available and pricing is more competitive than in previous years.


What are control structures?

When incorporated into your tile design, control structures can help manage water levels in your field and reduce the effects of dry                                conditions throughout the growing season.


Why should I consider tiling?

Increased yields.

Earlier planting.

With land and inputs becoming more expensive, it makes sense to get more production from the land that you currently farm.

Sale prices and rent values increase with tiling.

Growers installing their own tile is becoming more popular, due to timeliness of installation, flexibility, cost savings, and user friendly equipment.

Buffers against extreme weather conditions.

Tiling is effective in removing salts from the root zone.

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