Crary Tile Pro Standard Plow 580

Not much rain. Corn stalks dried up. Soybeans shrinking.

It's a year of change, frustration and loss of crops.  Farmer's are considering lots of options on how to handle harvest. Some are silage chopping, harvesting much earlier, and hoping for a decent yield.   What does next year bring? How does tiling fit into this picture in drought conditions? Perhaps you are reconsidering the benefits of no-till acreage to conserve moisture, lower the water table to improve root structure enabling the crops to withstand drought conditions we have been experiencing this year.

There was a great presentation about Subsurface Drainage Systems at the 2012 No-Till Conference. Below is a link to the powerpoint Subsurface_Drainage_Systemspresentation with several charts and information on the effectiveness of drainage tile in preparing the soil for your crops.

If you prefer an audio version of the presentation, it is available for purchase online from the 2012 No-Till Conference webstore.  Click here.


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