Tile PlowCrary Tile Pro is your source for the best frame mounted tile plows and stringer trailers in the industry.  Our Tile Pro tiling attachment can lay 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, and even the big 12" drainage tile up to 7' deep - With the greatest, mobility, stability and traction in the industry.



Frame Mounted Tile Plow Lays Tile To 7' In DepthDeere-Large-Track

In one pass through the field with our tile plow you can dig, lay and bury drainage tile into your farmland.
Saves time and money and gets you into the field sooner!


Unique Interchangeable Boots

Standard 4", 5", 6", 8", 10', and 12" tile boots are available to accommodate the size tile you are laying.  The Tile Pro boots are designed to match the size of your tile so you have optimum tile support and minimum drag equal to the width of your tile.  This helps to prevent stretch, the number one problem with mislaid tile.

Specialty boots can be made for electrical cable, water mains, or even to place gravel in while tile is being dug. Just one single removable rod pin makes changing boots quick and easy.

Quick Tach

Our Quick Tach Receiver Bracket provides fast and easy hook-up in just 10 minutes by using a hitch pin and C-clips to mount the Tile Pro to your tractor, or dozer.  The Quick Tach attachment can be built for most every tractor and is used to attach the Tile Pro to the frame of the tractor-not the three-point hitch-giving the Tile Pro better mobility, stability, and traction for maintaining grade than the standard pull type plow.JD_quick_tach

GPS or Laser

Crary Tile Pro is also an authorized dealer for the complete line of AGPS GPS products.  Pipe FM, Pipe Pro, Ditch Pro and Shape Pro.  Maximize your profits with the AGPS-Pipe FM or Pipe-Pro software packages.  This powerful program takes full advantage of RTK GPS improving your efficiency by automatically designing tile profiles utilizing Vertical Curve Technology. New for 2012, AGPS launches Side Slope Technology (side to side, and fore and aft).  Crary Tile Pro also offers complete laser packages as well.  Contact us today for all your GPS and Laser needs…


AGPS Monitor
AGPS Monitor


Replaceable Knife Point


Quick Change Boot Pin

IH MX Series
IH MX Series
TILE PRO Can be Mounted on Most Brands of Tractors and Dozers.

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