Why Use a Frame-Mounted Tile Plow?

  • Even transfer of weight to the front and rear of the pulling unit results in maximum traction and easier pulling.
  • Best stability in tiling industry for grade control.  
  • Optimum trash clearance.
  • Knife opens the ground first to allow the boot to glide through lifting dirt up and out.
  • No wheels to back over starting holes or work around while removing obstrutions in the field.




TilePlowWhite400Tile Plow Features:

  1. Adjustable upper hydraulic linkage for laser control.
  2. Tile feed guide for 4", 5" or 6" tile or "power feeder".
  3. Boot pivots 30 degrees both ways.
  4. Single full-length removable rod pin to interchange tile boots from 4", 5", 6", 8", 10" & 12".
  5. Easy to change the boot in the field.
  6. Smaller main knife pushes dirt up and out.
  7. Cutting knife face and tile boot are same size for easier pull.
  8. Two removable pins on each side for interchangeable knife face.    
  9. Knife lined with stainless steel and boot lined with A.R. steel for minimum resistance and drag.
  10. Fast hookup, drawbar and upper receiver bracket.

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